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Getting to know your financial needs means getting to know you, the Client. One of Eduarda's core beliefs is that everyone deserves financial freedom, and that anyone can achieve this if he or she makes the right choices. Don't risk your freedom on poor the services of a qualified professional. And the best part? IT'S FREE!!! Mortgage Alliance Brokers are paid directly by the lenders, and NOT by the Clients they serve.

Whether she's analyzing today's markets, studying all the lenders' products and services, or just relying on good-old-fashioned experience, Eddie goes that extra distance for her Clients. Financing is one of the most important decisions a family or a business can make, and that is not something Eddie takes lightly. When facing the challenges of a pre-approval, a refinance, or just a check-up on an existing mortgage, people need an unbiased expert to answers those tough questions. That's where Eddie's team comes in.

Eddie will be there to steer you clear of the hassles, red tape, invisible fees, myths, lies, legal jargon, misconceptions, and common mistakes. Her team will address your needs for mortgage insurance, appraisals, commercial finance, residential mortgages, and investment advise.